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David Galan

Position:Attended Fall 2012 Teacher Training
David Galan is an El Salvadorian native. He speaks Spanish, English, and French fluently and grew up in Silver Spring, MD. His love for languages, traveling and business lead him to attend college pursuing a career in international business and marketing. Prior to finding yoga, David worked in real estate and hospitality. “I grew up playing soccer all my life and I never considered myself as someone flexible, but I always wanted to try this so called hot yoga, I don’t know why but something about it being hot, it just always made sense to me. At the time I had no idea what Bikram was or the impact this yoga was about to have in my life.” After three years of practicing Bikram yoga regularly, In 2013 David decided to become a Bikram yoga teacher and combine his love of the yoga with languages. Now he travels the globe teaching yoga in different languages.
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