BYA Focus 30 Massage

Did you know that Bikram Yoga College of India in Alexanadria is now offering massages? The provided massage packages aim to help you compliment your Bikram yoga practice and enhance your awareness and connection to the body.

I had the opportunity to experience the Focus 30 Massage here at the studio! I booked the massage on the studio’s app under the “Massage” tab. I picked a date received an email confirmation, as well as, received a follow-up email a few days before the appointment. The Focus 30 Massage is

“A refreshing compliment to your Bikram Yoga Practice. In this 30 minute session, you’ll work one-on-one with a highly skilled therapist to focus on specific areas of your body with on the intention of deepening your yoga postures.”

Once the day of my appointment arrived, I was excited and nervous because this was my first professional massage. All the information I know about massages come from TV shows or movies, in other words, I did not know much.  When I arrived at the studio, it wasn’t during a class time, so the studio was silent. I didn’t realize to go to the area near the massage room, so I was standing in the lobby until the massage therapist greeted me. She gave me instructions and to a form to fill out that discussed yoga practice, any injuries, what are your problem areas, and things of that nature. At the beginning of the session, she asked: “What areas I would like to focus on during the massage?” I said my shoulders and neck area, but you can say anywhere, and you can always book another appointment to focus on a different area of your body.

When I finally entered the massage room It glowed with golden light, soothing music played, and I noticed a quote stickered to the wall “…” that made me feel that this was my time to relax and enjoy. The massage therapist proceeded to tell me to undress to my comfort level, which answered my question, are you supposed to be naked for a massage? Nonetheless, you dress or undress to where you are comfortable. What you wear only matters because it dictates how much access the masseuse has to your body; the fewer layers of clothing, the better.

I laid down on the table, and it was beyond comfortable, like slipping into a bed of warm marshmallows topped with a blanket of satin. My massage therapist asked if I would like the table to be warmer and of course, I said yes. The temperature of the massage table can is adjustable so that you can have the table as hot as you like, but nowhere near the 105 degrees, we get in the hot room. She also placed towels under my shoulders and a pillow under my feet to alleviate pressure. I was laying down comfortably melting into the table working to find my calm, but the clicking of the clock wouldn’t let me. At this point, I was wondering if I should say something or not. I’m still feeling a bit nervous and awkward. I ask myself, can I zone out enough, so the clock won’t be a problem or saying something, so I won’t have to work so hard? I worked up the courage and mentioned that the clock was bothering me and she took it out the room, thanking me for bringing that to her attention.

After all that, I’m breathing, growing deeper into my relaxation, when she asks what oil scent would you prefer? I say lavender. She mixes the essential oil into the massage oil, and this is where the massage began.

My massage therapist engaged my neck and shoulder areas accessing points that tend to sore and tight. Then she moved to my back where she used both her hands and entire arms to work on the tension. Next, I was instructed to flip over. In the flipped over position, she could massage my upper body and the back of my head. She used her massage therapist powers and did something with her fingers in the middle of my chest and back of my head. The places that were painful she said to breathe into those aches like I would in class.  And I felt a release of tension, pain, and stress. She also gave attention to my hips feet before the end of the session. By the end of the massage, I was extremely relaxed felt dewy, floaty, and sparkly; the same way I feel after my favorite asana, camel pose or Ustrasana.

A few minutes before it ended, the masseuse left the room so I could relax and receive all the benefits of the massage. Before she left the room, she instructed that there will be a form to fill out before leaving that asked about my experience and for any suggestions. But more so, to get up very slowly to avoid dizziness I didn’t get up too fast, truthfully, I felt like I was laying down for a while, but I still felt dizzy when I got up. Once I readjusted to being upright, put my clothes back on, completed the form, and thanked the massage therapist for her work, but I was ready to go home and get straight into bed!

Overall My Focus 30 Massage was a memorable and relaxing experience giving me the opportunity to connect with my body and breath in a different way. My massage eased the tension I was feeling in my mind and body. Although, I enjoyed my first massage experience it had both had strengths and weaknesses. There are only a few aspects that would have made the experience better. For instance, I would have liked more pressure here and there, a better music selection or just use my music, and less lavender oil. The lavender oil was a bit too pungent. I was able to learn about myself with this encounter. I was encouraged to get out my comfort zone and found an activity that enhances my practice and deepens my connection to myself both mind and soul.

I would recommend trying the massage here at the studio for a chance to be overwhelmed by how relaxed you are. A massage is a great to help after a long Bikram Yoga challenge or class, any physical activity, or just because you know you deserve one. Go over to the app and since when the next one is available, we all deserve to feel sparkly!

If you have any specific questions about the massages offered at Bikram Yoga College of India in Alexandria, reach out to Michael and Jen, and they’ll ensure that the most capable hands do your massage.